An Incisive Challenge to the Evil Magicians Wahid A Baly

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As-Sarimul Battar,

Wahid A Baly
Hardback  190 Pages
Translated By Houssain Zain El-Deen,
Published By Dar MAKKAH Int’l Egypt

This Book Has also been translated as Sword Against Black Magic & Evil Magicians and Published By Al Firdous UK. But the Print Quality of this book is not of the same standard.

Sihr is among the occult sciences, the existence of which cannot be rationally refuted. To deny it is to deny reality and the Shariah’s attestation. The Shriah bears testimony to the real existence of Sihr.
Sihr (witchcraft or magic) is a word referring to something hidden. It is real and there are kinds of witchcraft that may affect people psychologically and physically, so that they become sick and die, or husbands and wives are separated. Its effects happen by the will of Allaah.

You will find in this Book

Detailed discussion of ‘sihr’ in Islam.

  • Definition
  • Evidence of the existence of sihr
  • Categories of sihr
  • How a ‘sahir’ brings about a jinn
  • Punishment under Islamic law
  • How to treat sahir
  • Treatment of sahir
  • Treatment of al-ayn (the ‘evil eye”)
  • And much more.

The Author has  relied extensively on Classical Scholars such as Al-Layth, Al-Azhari, Ibn Mandhur, Ibn Faris, Fakhr Ar-Razi, Ibn Qudama Al-Maqdisi,, Ibn Al-Qayyim and Many Others for his references

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